Is the Bible Reliable?

  The Bible contains around 2000 fulfilled prophecies, which is evidence of its divine origin.

  The Bible is historically accurate. Nothing has ever
been found that disproves any historical writing in the Bible. Modern
archaeologists are often finding things that support Biblical history, which may have been previously in question.

  The contents of the original manuscripts have been painstakingly copied over the centuries, so what we
read today is an accurate translation of the original text. There are various versions of the Bible, which is due to minor translation differences between some of the ancient Greek or Hebrew words and phrases. For instance, translating the French “au revoir into English can result in “until I see you again or “see you later or “bye etc.

  The Bible contains NO contradictions. All of the contradictions that skeptics cite can be explained, once all is known about the surrounding context, historical setting, and when you use accurate translations.

  The authors of the New Testament wrote about Jesus as eyewitnesses to His life, and their accounts have been dated to between twenty and sixty years following Jesus death, which is extremely recent, compared to other ancient biographies.


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