Evolution versus Creation

Did we get here by chance, or were we created?

  Mutations that we see going on now are generally harmful to species, not helpful.

  If you really dig into all the fossil evidence, you’ll
see there are no proven links that support
the claim that evolution occurred from one species to another. Modern textbooks have “filled in the blanks
with assumptions, not facts. We have millions of fossils
in our museums today, and not one of them prove that there was ever a species-to-species transition.

  We don’t have one proven example of apes turning
into humans. All of the supposed examples to-date
have been disproven: Nebraska Man, Java Man,
Peking Man, Neanderthal Man, etc.

*Roll mouse over to see which life forms
 are proven by the fossil record.


  Why don we see major evolution going on today, like extra appendages? A common example cited by evolutionists is the walking catfish, which can crawl out  of the water for a short time. However, to evolve to a land-based animal, this fish would have to develop skin that doesn’t need to be kept moist, and it would have to develop lungs at the same time. Plus, who is this creature going to mate with, if by chance all that did happen?

  Here’s an example of life’s complexity: The amino acids that make up the protein hemoglobin are extremely complex. The likelihood of all of
them being arranged just the right way has been estimated at 1 in 135 followed by 165 zeros!
That’s a larger number than an estimate of all the atoms in the universe!

  Each living creature on earth has DNA, which contains billions of codes, which must all be arranged correctly in order to sustain life. The activity in each of our cells resembles that of a small city, because there is so much going on. Darwin called cells “simplebecause he didn’t have a powerful enough microscope to see all this.

  Why do all fossils suddenly appear in the “Cambrian Explosion period of Earth’s history?
Could this have been a creation event?


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